I always thought she was Russian too! I was so confused by her backstory episode because I had no idea who that woman Rosa was. I also appreciated So So's confusion about what the initial holding room was, since I still don't quite understand it. » 6/12/14 2:43pm 6/12/14 2:43pm

I LOVED Legend of the Seeker! I was so sad when it got cancelled. The first season finale is one of my favorite hours of television ever. I pop it in every once in a while just to watch that episode. I was also rooting for Bridget Regan to be Wonder Woman. » 6/12/14 3:38am 6/12/14 3:38am

I'm reading that too! I'm 200 pages in and I don't really love it. It's good, but I'm just not gripped. In it's defense, I just powered through the A Song of Ice and Fire series and it's tough to compete with them. I'm gonna try my best to stick with it because my Dad loves the series. » 5/21/14 7:50am 5/21/14 7:50am

Yeah, I think people are taking the "trained" dinosaurs a little too literally. I think the concept works if you have this large, crazy dinosaur on a rampage (the species splicing is kinda lame but whatever) it wouldn't be too far fetched to say "Okay, let's release the gates in a confined way that allows the T-Rex… » 5/20/14 9:56am 5/20/14 9:56am

The Yuuzhan Vong storyline was my absolute favorite! I just loved the idea of a villain who wasn't susceptible to the force, and then learning the reasons behind it and all the twists and turns it took. It dragged on a book or two too long, but otherwise I was completely addicted to that series. Vergere was my… » 5/06/14 7:19am 5/06/14 7:19am