Game of Thrones Lego minifigs! I've been making them out of spare parts or buying individual pieces on ebay. I went with the yellow faces since they are more "lego-like" than the tan faces that usually go with licensed sets and I think they're more fun. I still have a few more I want to make. They're not perfect (Jon… » 4/01/14 7:56am 4/01/14 7:56am

Slade grabbing Ollie by the ankle as he jumped off the ship was such an amazing stunt I jumped out of my seat. And it was such a simple thing, but they just pulled it off so well. That alone puts to shame other "action" shows that can't pull off stuff half that good. I continue to be amazed by how well done this show is. … » 3/06/14 8:26am 3/06/14 8:26am

It always bugs me that the serving size of the frozen chicken pot pies I eat (when I'm lazy, even though they have ridiculous amounts of fat and sodium in them) are half a pie. HALF A PIE. As if I'm going to finish half and go "Oh no, I couldn't possibly!" and wrap up the rest for tomorrow. My stomach does not understand … » 2/27/14 7:55am 2/27/14 7:55am

When I took a class called "Multi Ethnic Literature" in college, you should have heard how outraged some of my classmates were when we were required to read a book by a black, gay author. How dare a class called Multi Ethnic Literature force us to read a book by a gay man! #higherlearning » 2/20/14 10:33am 2/20/14 10:33am

I loved Last Airbender and I really really want to love Legend of Korra, but I just can't get into it. I've watched every episode (and will continue to do so cause I'm like that) but I miss the huge epic story of Last Airbender plus the small core group of main characters. In Korra, they always seem divided and their… » 2/18/14 10:07am 2/18/14 10:07am

I just finished watching Voyager for the first time (great series, btw) and I was SO MAD Chakotay and Seven ended up together! Chakotay was an okay character who I didn't love, but I really enjoyed his relationship with Janeway throughout the series and just assumed they'd either get together, or just keep hinting at… » 2/14/14 12:14pm 2/14/14 12:14pm